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Welcome to OPTICO

Manufacturers of Ophthalmic 
Surgical Instruments

Based in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom, Optico Ltd is an independent company, with a team of highly-skilled instrument craftsmen specialising in the manufacture of micro incision instruments.

Since our formation Optico has established a strong reputation for delivering high-quality and reliable products. We are committed to strong customer focus. We understand that each customer is unique, but the need for consistent quality is universal.

With our long history of manufacturing these high specification instruments, we believe passionately in developing and training a new generation of instrument craftsmen to ensure OPTICO LTD continues to epitomise the very best.

OPTICO LTD offers a range of 

ophthalmic surgical instruments 

for both posterior and 

anterior surgical procedures.

Developed in association with leading surgeons

worldwide, our products offer

outstanding quality, 

absolute precision, and compliment the 

skill of the surgeon.